Table and Kitchen

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Small accessories bring order to table and kitchen spaces by reinterpreting everyday life in a lifestyle key. The concept of practical utility is interpreted by Coincasa through quality proposals, sometimes minimalist, sometimes fun, but always with character that express the feeling of modern times: joie de vivre.

Kitchen accessories enliven this customary place with bright colours and unexpected shapes. While solid colours with their nuances decorate with graceful harmony and expressive cleanliness, patterns add spice to the everyday. The choice is wide, between handcrafted textures in glass or ceramic and the soft tactility of linen and cotton. Space-saving accessories for the kitchen such as shopping bags or hangers with light laces pick up the motifs of cushions for chairs, aprons, potholders, tea towels and even jugs and mugs.

Table accessories add character and uniqueness by enhancing moments of conviviality and refreshment. Thus, in the lunch break outside the home, an original placemat to place the lunch box or a set of easily washable and reusable steel cutlery immediately create a pleasant "do not disturb" mood. The products are developed from exclusively realised designs and combine style, quality, functionality expressing the Italian taste of living and dwelling.

Always at hand, serving plates, fruit bowls, cups, trays and mugs, bread baskets and simple towel holders are designer kitchen accessories that modernise tradition with creativity and passion.

Accessories for the kitchen sink are also designed to emphasise personality: furnishing accessories, not just serving accessories, complete a kitchen furnished with style, love and imagination.

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