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We are Italian and we like to have style on the table. From family breakfast to a tea with friends, on Coin you will find cups and coffee cup sets perfect for the moment of the day, also available in delicious packages ready to give as gifts. Elegant and functional, our cups are the result of careful research into shapes, workmanship and decorations to best express your taste. Each coffee cup is and at tea is an invitation to take a break, to that slow, Mediterranean lifestyle that improves life and makes us more happy.

Inspired by the seasons, trends or tradition to change your look or simply your mind, our tea cups are and coffee cups are taken care of down to the smallest detail and the materials are selected among the best. Coin's selection offers glass, porcelain and ceramic cups, practical and dishwasher safe, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your coffee break.

The most popular tea cups elegant, with delicate and floral motifs, they are perfect for welcoming guests on special occasions. The cheerful and colorful breakfast cup sets, on the other hand, say good morning to the morning with liveliness. The particular and colorful mugs are not only ideal for breakfast; thanks to their original patterns, they can also be used as a toothbrush holder or pencil holder in the office. Coin's mug cups are ideal for starting the day in style and to accompany you in every moment of your day.

Americano, hot or cold macchiato, cappuccino, mocaccino, restricted. How many ways to drink coffee, different depending on the moment and mood, to each his own coffee cups and cup. At Coin you can find modern ones and particular ones, but they all unite Italians in the same daily ritual. coffee cups in porcelain and ceramic, as well as like the cups, they are designed to enrich every coffee break. with a touch of class.

With the arrival of summer, Coin's glass cups are perfect for enjoying fresh and colorful drinks. Whether you're sipping tea cold on the terrace or serving a coffee cold to your guests, our glass mugs and cups make every moment special.

Discover the Coin collection of breakfast cup sets and coffee cup sets and tea, designed for every need and taste. Let yourself be inspired by the unique design and quality unparalleled of our products. With Coin, every detail makes the difference, especially in summer.

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