FAQ Coincard

How much does Coincard Easy cost me?

To get Coincard Easy, at the time of subscription, you will pay a contribution of € 1 until 15 may 2022, which includes, if you want, a second card for a family member!

Can my family members use my Coincard for their Coin purchases?

Coincard, it's strictly personal. Upon signing up for Coincard Easy, you have the option of requesting an additional card for your family members free of charge.

For Coincard Holders, are hems discounted even during the period of Coincard benefits?

Hems are discounted by 50% on all items purchased with Coincard. Small tailoring changes are free for Coincard Gold and Platinum customers. They are paid on items on sale or in promotion.


By registering on coin.it, in the Reserved Area, you can check your data and information relating to your card at any time. If you were already registered in the reserved area before July 2021, you will need to re-register.