Blankets and Throws

At hand while we read or rest, blankets and plaids on the sofa or bed make us rediscover 'slow living', time to dedicate to us and to relaxation. Manufactured with special attention to finishes, quality and workmanship to offer pleasant material sensations, the fabrics chosen by Coincasa dress fantasies of contemporary taste.

The product proposal is very broad, with options for every season. If in winter we look forward to rediscovering the pleasure of a healthy warmth, when temperatures rise the double blanket replaces the quilt on the bed, the fleece blanket is useful to warm the cooler evenings and a cotton plaid becomes a perfect picnic blanket.

The softness of the selected yarns takes care of our well-being, making us feel protected and wrapped in a warm embrace. In wool, stonewashed cotton or natural linen, the plaids come in neutral or bright shades that add verve to a room when boldly matched, or can be tone-on-tone with pillowcases for a coordinated bed, or even combine with the textures of sofas and armchairs.

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