The COIN Giftcard is available for purchase in the Coin, Coin Excelsior and Coincasa stores participating in the initiative (list of participating stores on present in Italy and on the website:

  • the COIN Giftcard is intended exclusively for the purchase, in one or more solutions, of items sold in Coin, Coin Excelsior and Coincasa stores and paid for at their cash desks (and items sold on the website). Items sold in departments present in Coin and / or Coin Excelsior and / or Coincasa stores managed by third parties and equipped with their own cash desks and items sold and shipped by sellers other than Coin in case of purchases on are excluded.
  • the COIN Giftcard can be charged and activated, at the time of its purchase in the store, with a value of your choice between 5 and 1,000 Euros.
  • The COIN Giftcard can be purchased on the website in digital format with a value between 5 and 1,000 Euros . After purchasing it, the Giftcard Coin must be activated on the website by entering the giftcard code and the activation code that was sent by separate email to the purchaser of the COIN Giftcard, or to the recipient, depending on the address entered at time of purchase.
  • From this moment the COIN Giftcard is valid for 3 years. The charged amount does not accrue interests. The remaining amount can be transferred to a new COIN Giftcard for free only at the cash desks of a Coin, Coin Excelsior or Coincasa store.
  • To use the card on you will need to associate the COIN Giftcard with your profile. Once associated, the COIN Giftcard cannot be transferred to other accounts. Furthermore, it CANNOT be used for the purchase of products sold and shipped by sellers other than Coin. Any ongoing promotions do not apply to the purchase of a COIN Giftcard.
  • To verify the residual amount and the expiry date of the COIN Giftcard, you can go to the Coin and / or Coin Excelsior and / or Coincasa store counters at any time or connect to the website, if the COIN Giftcard has already been associated with your profile.
  • The COIN Giftcard can be used for multiple purchases until the contained value is completely exhausted or for partial payment of a purchase.
  • It is not possible to use more than one giftcard to pay for the same order.
  • It cannot be recharged and does not entitle you to cash refunds. It is a bearer card and equivalent to cash: if it is lost, stolen or damaged, the card cannot be blocked and no responsibility for its misuse, theft, loss or damage can be attributed to Coin and / or Coin Excelsior and / or Coincasa . In the event of theft, loss or damage that makes the barcode or the numeric code associated with it illegible, the COIN Giftcard will not be replaced or refunded.
  • It is not possible to issue an invoice for the purchase of a Giftcard.
  • The COIN Giftcard can be used from the date of purchase until the expiration date, 3 years after the activation date