Craftmanship and uniqueness

Handcrafted and unique gifts represent a choice with a refined style. The Coincasa collection consists of exclusive pieces of the Italian artisan tradition, such as mouth-blown Murano glass glasses, among the most iconic Made in Italy artefacts.


The handcrafted Preta ceramic bowls made in Vietri with a brushed mold bring elegance and practicality to the table, while the brownish heads by Ceramiche Siciliane Ruggeri are an ideal gift for those who appreciate art with a Mediterranean flavour. There are many ideas for a gift that will not go unnoticed such as elegant Portuguese ceramic vases or an entirely handmade rope basket with handles.


Each handcrafted creation embellishes the home of the recipient and tells the personality and taste of the donor. And for those who like to indulge in a moment of self-care, the handmade Himalayan salt candle, with its particular fragrance that encloses the scent of glaciers, represents a special thought. And for the design-addicted, the octagonal tray in walnut wood by Francesco Meda is inspired by the Mexican archeology of the Maya, but represents an exclusive limited edition of Italian craftsmanship, a gift designed for lovers of travel and exotic cultures. with an exotic and decisive character together. Pop lovers will find the "Lizzy Vuitton" porcelain mug by Endless irresistible.
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