With an eye on creativity and small details, Coin's collection of glass and ceramic cups stands out in your home thanks to the artisanal techniques that make these pieces unique.

The colourful ceramic cups , with their uniqueness; and refined elegance, they are perfect for serving salads, dips and gourmet single portions. The glass cups, both smooth and worked, make your dinners a combination of sophistication and practicality, while the glass ice cream cups add a touch of joy to your desserts.

If you want to treat yourself to a small gift at the end of the evening, ice cream cups are ideal for holding a good ice cream or fruit salad. The ceramic and glass cups are perfect for accompanying your summer after-lunch and after-dinner meals in search of freshness, but also throughout the year. They satisfy all tastes with a mix of features and aesthetics.

Coin's selection includes, in addition to ceramic and glass ice cream cups, elegant decorated porcelain, resistant ceramic bowlsstoneware perfect for dishes that go directly from the oven to the table. You will also find wooden bowls of mango or bamboo, which offer a natural look and a touch of warmth to the mise en place.

During the summer, ice cream cups become indispensable for serving fresh and delicious desserts. The glass bowls are ideal for salads and fresh fruit, while the ceramic cups add a touch of color and style to your table. The handmade proposals, with their imperfect beauty, have always been a distinctive sign of Coin's offering.

Choosing Coin's cups and bowls in ceramic, glass and other materials means investing in quality. and design, making every meal a unique experience. Discover our collection and be inspired by the many solutions available, perfect for every occasion and season.

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