Ornaments and Clocks

Furnishings are not just the furniture, but also the small details that give the home its personality and allow guests to notice its character.


This is why it is important to choose ornaments for the home that reflect our tastes. When furnishing a room it is necessary to balance aesthetics and functionality in order to preserve the harmony of the whole without sacrificing everyday use. A knick-knack on the bedside table can be a design lamp or a picture frame; a mirror on the bathroom cabinet can transform it into a dressing table, which in turn can house jewellery boxes, a scented candle or a basket for creams: beautiful and useful objects to be chosen tone-on-tone with the furnishings or in strong contrast of style, like echoes of a distant journey.


Hanging or leaning on the wall, paintings and prints are the alternative for an artistic touch; flowers and plants in a vase add a fresh touch either elegant or contemporary; a sea-themed centrepiece gives a foretaste of the flavours of the kitchen.


Proudly analogue, modern alarm clocks and wall clocks are luminous allies of our punctuality, carefully finished, simple but quality, beautiful to leave on display on sideboards and dressers.


Coincasa selects its proposals with particular attention to workmanship and design to always offer originality and exclusivity.

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