Stairs, terraces, gardens or a do-it-yourself vegetable garden, creativity flourishes everywhere, but it requires design.

At Coincasa, garden accessories are designed to be practical and stylish. Thus, garden decorations have also been developed to make outdoor spaces more pleasant and cosy to enjoy with guests and family.

Garden accessories dress up the outdoors with elegant functionality. A woven rattan plant holder or a simple decorated cachepot create textural and colour contrasts that enhance outdoor spaces.

Garden decorations gracefully complement and provide shelter for animal friends who come to visit. Here then is the birdhouse or those for butterflies and bees in naturally coloured wood.

Organising a garden means choosing functional and designer accessory sets in harmony with outdoor furniture. So here at Coincasa are cachepots, watering cans, garden tool holders and many useful containers for vegetables, plants and flowers, inside or outside the home to embrace nature with patience and care.

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