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Sensitive to light-related issues that affect our state of mind, Coin has selected proposals for interiors in which technology and originality intertwine, creating unexpected shapes and glows in space. Between elegant suspensions, innovative table lamps or functional floor lamps, the collection is an invitation to express one's personality.

Good lighting helps orientation and to divide rooms even without physically dividing them, transforming the atmosphere. Thus, modern chandeliers can furnish both with light and off, thanks to sculptural shapes that can characterise any room. With their silhouettes, floor lamps are timeless objects that play at chasing light and shadow, solids and voids of a home décor that finds in the light beam a strong element that frees light without oppressing it.

In a continuity of style, the combination with a table lamp can enhance spaces and furniture, emphasising the style even when the lamp is switched off. Designed not to strain the eyes, they contribute to personal well-being, whether in the classic ceramic version with cotton shade or in a more modern version. Cylindrical, ovoid or simply spherical bulbs hint at modern, warm LED strips, simulating tungsten filaments for a vintage and sophisticated look, with all the environmental friendliness and service economy that this technology can offer. Did you know that each LED bulb saves the planet 12.5 kg of carbon dioxide?


Pendant lamps enhance central rooms such as the dining room and, with their discreet presence, enhance the table around which the family gathers. Interior lamps can also be used to create original compositions by placing them in groups. Interior lighting is a precise choice of style and utility for cultivating one's passions such as reading, cooking or gathering with friends around a table even in the evening hours.

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