Table Linens

Setting the table is a gesture linked to the pleasure of sharing: totally white or brightly lit, tidy or cheerfully disarranged, the table is a tradition that is renewed.


The ABC of the mise en place requires a large set of table linen: tablecloths, placemats or stripes, the textile collections are protagonists together with plates and crockery to give flavour to the banquet, every day. It is no coincidence that the laid table is one of the most shared subjects on social media because it is able to express a season, a mood and a style of hosting.


Like a palette to be enriched with colours, shapes and flavours, table runners enhance the kitchen or dining room and family moments. In perforated cotton and linen fabric or embellished with lace and embroidery, elegant table runners can create a timeless atmosphere. Today, tradition and modernity merge and a table runner can design the geometry of even an informal dinner party, while the centrepiece completes the composition with class. The tablecloth can be combined with colourful tableware and placemats, with matching or contrasting napkins to create a tailor-made ensemble, while a modern centrepiece makes simplicity its hallmark if the table is already richly decorated.

Colours and patterns celebrate the changing seasons and enliven the furnishings and the spirit: multi-coloured tropical prints, seascapes or floral landscapes, discreet and subdued graphic accents, delicate jacquard work are among the endless Coincasa proposals.

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