Serving Dishes

Serving dishes take centre stage when there is a special occasion at the table. Capable of astonishing, with an ironic and poetic flicker, and of wringing a smile by playing between the essentiality of the colours and Italian warmth, Coin's proposals always experiment with new shapes and decorations.

In glass with a gold rim or in hand-painted ceramic, these signature plates, from hand to hand between guests, encourage dialogue and conviviality, enhancing the kitchen and the style of the home. White ceramics meet the flair of the masters and ancient Sicilian and Apulian craft workshops in the coloured serving plates made exclusively for Coincasa: decorated in the traditional way, they are rethought in a contemporary key. And if we eat with culture, even a simple serving dish for pasta in handmade terracotta is a work of art capable of making our everyday life more beautiful.

The stoneware ceramic of the total black designer serving dishes, matt and textured, combines essentiality with excellent performance: highly resistant, it is versatile and perfect every day.

History and modernity meet in the graphics of modern serving dishes designed on fine antique Venetian porcelain, while the exuberance of tropical prints brings summer to the table on melamine plates.

Special serving dishes with original shapes are the expression of a project, of a curious eye that goes beyond the usual to always propose something new.

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