All the pleasure of shopping plus the freedom to choose how to repay!


COINPAY is the new payment Coincard with limited spendability that combines all the privileges associated with the loyalty program with the possibility of repaying your purchases: in 3, 6 or 10 installments without interest or of paying off your purchases in a single solution.


The card application is free and is valid in the participating Coin, Coin Excelsior and Coincasa stores


Requesting it is really easy


Go to the Coin, Coin Excelsior or Coincasa stores, read the economic and contractual conditions by consulting the "Basic European information on consumer credit". Bring only your valid ID, health card and IBAN with you, unless Compass requests additional documentation. It is personal and non-transferable, it can be issued if you are of age.


Economic conditions reserved for you




Easy, fast by debiting your purchases in interest-free monthly installments:


· 3 months, for amounts starting from €60


· 6 months, for amounts starting from €301


· 10 months, for amounts between €501 and €2,500




Settle your spending of less than €60 in a lump sum with debit on account the following month


 Advertising message for promotional purposes


Coinpay is a card with limited spending and can only be used at Coin stores. Promotional offer valid until 31/12/2023 applied to installment refunds for the use of the Coinpay Card. TAN 0% and APR 0%;




Representative example: total credit amount €66.00. Number of installments: 3. Installment amount: € 22.00. Total amount due € 66.00 Expenses and ancillary charges zeroed.




Compass reserves the right to apply the contractual conditions in the absence of promotional offers. For the economic and contractual conditions, please refer to the information documents available at the Coin Affiliated shops which operate as credit intermediaries by virtue of the non-exclusive collaboration relationship with Compass Banca S.p.A. Subject to approval of the request by Compass Banca S.p.A.