Charger Plates

A touch of style and an extra dash of taste at the table: the secret ingredient is the underplates that frame the dishes to be served. Patterns and colours are inspired by nature and trends, so that eating is also a pleasure for the eyes. Especially when there are guests and on the most important occasions, elegant underplates accompany the culinary creations, playing at "breaking" the rhythm of the place settings to create a setting in which different but matching colours and patterns speak of good taste and class.


Coloured, neutral or decorated, the materials offer endless expressive possibilities for style and seasonality, so that among the Coincasa proposals it will be impossible not to find the perfect solution. Modern stainless steel underplates, essential and timeless, have a refined appeal, while wooden underplates are interpreters of a warm, cosy and country-chic conviviality. If glass underplates bring to the table the elegance and purity of a material that with its light enhances the service, and iron ones accompany an industrial and understated style, they all acquire a decorative connotation also as centrepieces, if completed with candles or pot pourri.


Designed to enhance main courses with a strong personality, made of washable materials that are decorated and never banal, the underplates proposed by Coincasa embellish rooms to serve signature dishes on the table.

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