Mattress Cover 

Sleeping has its own rules and even if it is meant to be hidden by sheets and blankets, the mattress cover is one of the most functional accessories for the quality of rest. Sleep is a time to be devoted to and at least 7-8 hours per night, because good relaxation promotes perfect regeneration. And the right mattress cover is one of the essential but indispensable conditions.

A double mattress cover offers comfort, freshness and breathability even when relaxing for two. A padded mattress cover, on the other hand, helps to achieve a warm and rejuvenating rest in winter. Waterproof mattress covers make practicality their strength point: strong and durable, they protect the mattress and act as a support for the bed sheets.

Coincasa has selected the best of made in Italy. The models in pure cotton satin guarantee a long service life and are easily adaptable to any type of mattress, while the mattress cover in Threelevel jacquard fabric entrusts the combination of cotton and polyester with maximum lightness and resistance to the most demanding washings: the special three-layer processing gives the fabric optimum elegance, strength and consistency.

A good night’s rest is also the result of choosing a mattress cover with effective anti-allergic and anti-microbial actions and allows you to face the new day with all the energy you need.

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