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The kitchen is poetry, as Heinz Beck says, and kitchen accessories help us create the right harmony. At Coin you will find colorful and original everyday objects and kitchen accessories, perfect for taking up summer themes. These articles, decorative and with a strong personality, offer the practicality necessary when wearing a chef's apron, whether cooking for friends or family.

The designer kitchen accessories are the protagonists of your kitchen, combining a modern style with ancient artisan traditions. The ceramic kitchen containers, such as jugs and trivets, are authentic works of art, designed to bring joy and color to your table. Kitchen utensils made of wood or cork help you prepare and serve any dish with elegance and practicality. The handcrafted wooden cutting boards and the set of coasters in cork or cotton embellish the table with their particular shapes, recalling summer textures.

Egg cups, kitchen spoon holders and other simple everyday objects are available in fun shapes and color variations, adding a touch of liveliness. even on the most difficult occasions formal. With a play of volumes and colours, these kitchen accessories furnish your table by offering space-saving solutions.

Coin also offers kitchen utensil sets, ideal for those who love to cook with style and practicality. Wooden kitchen utensils are particularly appreciated for their durability and natural beauty. kitchen containers cannot be missing, perfect for organizing and storing food, maintaining order and cleanliness.

Coin'scoffee machines are a must for coffee lovers, combining design and functionality. The elegant and practical cruetets complete the offer, making every detail of your kitchen refined and functional.

Massimo Bottura invites us to rediscover our roots and experiment with creativity and passion, thanks to Coin's kitchen accessories that transform every culinary preparation into a unique experience.

Visit the Coin website to discover the complete collection of kitchen accessories and transform your kitchen into a place of creativity and daily pleasure. Choose between trivets, ladle holders and kitchen utensil sets to enrich your kitchen in a functional and elegant way. Make your summer even more fun special with the kitchen accessories by Coin, bringing freshness and liveliness to the kitchen. in the kitchen.

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    Wood tea box

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