Carafes and Decanters

The art of drinking takes centre stage in the mise en place with accessories that create the backdrop for a rediscovered conviviality.


A carafe, for example, is not just a simple container, but a true furnishing accessory to be tastefully and carefully matched on the table with plates, glasses and tablecloth. The water carafe can take different shapes and come in an infinite variety of motifs and decorations. In fine weather, transparency enhances the freshness of the liquid, while lightness and marine-themed details will surprise guests.


Ceramic or glass, these are the perfect vessels to enhance the aromas, flavours and colours of a drink. The clarity of the material and its shape play a central role when it comes to a designer wine decanter. A wine decanter serves to let the liquid mature, clarify, breathe and enhance its organoleptic characteristics. The wine decanter is entrusted with the delicate task of promoting proper oxygenation that can amplify aromas and taste.


Special wine decanters will accompany any décor with their scenic yet practical and convenient style. Suitable for any occasion, they accompany the tasting between friends and make the art of receiving special. And if the decanter serves to embellish the wine, a bevelled glass whisky bottle will enhance the powerful, decisive yet meditative character of this distillate.


Coincasa design sets the table between colours, graphics and art to make every guest feel at ease.

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