Alga Palla® Wood Couple Legend

€ 39,99
Color: Light Purple
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  • Alga Palla®. A seaweed with a legendary history kept in an exclusive lathe glass vase created in Kaki®’s laboratory in Bergamo. A lovely treasure to fill the room with positive energy with anti-stress function. Ideal for meditation breaks in the workplace or not, or to furnish and decorate the most intimate and relaxed spaces of the house. 2 Marimo (Aegagropila l.) Size: range 1-2 cm Origin: exclusively from certified European aquaculture. They are not taken from the natural environment. The outline of the cap is laser burned to stabilize the wood and to ensure the durability of the product over time. How to take care of it? To live a long and happy life, Marimo needs a few tricks. We suggest to proceed with the following operations every two weeks in the winter period and every ten days in the hottest summer days: fill its container 3/4 of the way with decanted water at least 24h or natural mineral. Do not use mains water or sparkling water. Be careful not to get the cap wet. If this happens, dry it with a simple cloth. rinse it under running water and squeeze it gently to remove any impurities before putting it back in its container; do not expose it to direct sunlight and do not place it near artificial heat sources; choose a bright environment so that it can carry out chlorophyll photosynthesis, thanks to which you can observe it floating and twirling full of oxygen bubbles! it does not fear the dark, but it is best to position it in such a way that it receives indirect light at least for a few hours a day; do not use chemical detergents to clean the container; thoroughly dry the cap and neck of the glass after each water change. If the cap exerts too much pressure, do not pull but pry into the cavity with a fingernail or small flat screwdriver; if you want to add stones to the bottom of the vase, use non-toxic ones. Be careful when inserting it as the stones could damage the vase. We are not liable for any damage caused. How's the Marimo doing? It is round and bright green: it is in excellent health! But if: • It has become too whitish, it is probably receiving too much light. • It has a strange patina or its shape seems unusual to you, it could be other weeds growing around it. These algae suffocate it, so it is best to carefully remove them with tweezers. • It is turning brown, it may be a sign that it is time to gently clean it under running water. If cleaning does not solve the problem, peel off the brown (dead) parts. • Does it turn black and flake off? Make sure you have followed the instructions above, try to change the water more frequently and remove any rot with tweezers.
  • Product code: 007238268-000
  • Color: Light Purple
  • Depth (cm): 6,4
  • Height (cm): 15
  • Width (cm): 6,4

Alga Palla®. Glass vase made with manual lathe

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