Trays and Cake Stands

The wooden trays bring the pleasure of sharing to the table, becoming protagonists at center stage and giving order and support to the dishes presented. Geometric, versatile and practical, they accompany the food ritual from the mise en place to the tasting, passing from hand to hand among guests. Coin offers a wide range of decorated wooden, ceramic and glass trays, made with natural materials and craftsmanship.

Our proposals combine materials such as wood, ceramic and glass with processes that reward aesthetic pleasure, creating a common thread between good cuisine and beauty. Handcrafted with precious materials such as oak, walnut, cherry, acacia, birch, mango and bamboo, Coin's trays are authentic architecture for the centrepiece, design objects designed to last over time. These trays not only change the view of your home, but enrich the most memorable moments with memories. convivial in addition to accessories such as hors d'oeuvres and kitchen stands.

The soft and smooth shapes of our trays express hospitality and the pleasure of being together, while the smooth surface offers the ideal space for crudités, small and tasty finger foods. Our collection also includes glass and ceramic centrepieces, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your table.

Setting the table is not something imposed, but the result of a compositional choice that combines items capable of enriching the general mise en place. For this reason, Coin's elegant and decorative trays add character to the service, bringing taste and originality to the table. with captivating shapes embellished by the delicate grain of the wood, the Mediterranean colors of the ceramic or the embroidery on the glass.

The fruit trays for buffets or desserts enhance the end of the meal with style and simplicity, while the glass kitchen stands are the must-have when you need to set the table for the holidays. Coin celebrates the all-Italian art of receiving that mixes styles and characters for a welcoming and creative table. With the arrival of summer, make your convivial moments special with Coin's special ceramic appetizer plates, ideal for serving fresh appetizers and finger food outdoors.

Discover all our proposals and be inspired by the unique design and quality unparalleled kitchen trays, hors d'oeuvres and much more. Why with Coin, every detail makes the difference, especially in summer.

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