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Tea sets never go out of fashion, and today, in a time when we rediscover the value of slowness, the tea ritual is no longer just an occasion punctuated by the rules of etiquette, but a private appointment with oneself.


From a simple container for preparing infusions and hot drinks, the teapot then becomes the main accessory of a regenerating ritual for body and spirit, to be repeated every day. Minimalist in silhouette, essential in form, the Japanese teapot, a tribute to the Cha-no-yu ceremony, is designed to maintain the warmth of the drink for a long time.

English teacups for the five o'clock appointment are ageless objects that fill the display cabinets in the centre of the living room with charm, and a porcelain teapot with floral motifs or discreet, modern patterns is perfect as a gift for tea set lovers. In the precious white porcelain version, the teapot becomes a daily companion for the whole family and dresses up the home with harmonious shapes and volumes. And the teacups? They are in refined porcelain or sturdy ceramic and complete a set of accessories, including a milk jug and sugar bowl, all dedicated to pleasure in the respect of tradition.


With the advent of herbal teas and their benefits, the herbal tea pot has transformed the tea ritual into relaxation etiquette. Its job is to warm the body and it comes with thick ceramic mugs to maintain the warmth of the drink during infusion.

Coincasa has always sought out the best ceramics and porcelain with passion and love for detail, so that elegant, quality teapots and herbal tea pots transform occasions and routines into moments of beauty and pleasure.

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