Lanterns and Candle Holders

From intimate interiors to the outdoors, lighting becomes the key ingredient in creating the right atmosphere, bringing life and personality to domestic spaces, terraces and balconies.

Simple and adaptable to any environment, glass lanterns are designed not only to illuminate, but also to evoke emotions with suggestive plays of light and shadow.

Coincasa's creative research into shapes and materials reconciles technology, style, poetry and craftsmanship: the elegant silhouettes, the tailor-made details of the woven rattan and machined metal lanterns or the design of the original glass candleholders decorate the contemporary habitat, creating evocative points of light to be placed on the floor or hung, just where we wish.

Nomadic objects, outdoor lanterns and indoor lanterns create flexible lighting systems that offer an idea of comfort and decoration that can be carried throughout the home and in different situations and still make us dream.

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