Carafes and Decanters

Enrich the mise en place of your table with the elegant collection of jugs and decanters for wine and water by Coin, designed to create a convivial and welcoming atmosphere perfect for the summer. Each piece of the collection, from the crystal carafe to the ceramic and glass carafes, goes beyond simple use as a container, becoming a real furnishing accessory that matches with taste and attention to the rest of the table, from plates to glasses and tablecloths.

Thewater carafes, available in a variety of of shapes, patterns and decorations, they are ideal for every season. During the cooler months warm, the transparency of the glass enhances the freshness of the drinks, while the marine details on the carafes and decanters add a touch of originality. which will surprise you your guests.

For wine lovers, Coin offers crystal decanters with exclusive designs, essential for maturing, clarifying and letting wine breathe, improving its organoleptic characteristics. A designer wine decanter not only facilitates correct oxygenation of the wine, amplifying aromas and tastes, but also becomes an extraordinary central piece for your summer table.

Our special wine decanters match perfectly with any decor, offering a scenographic yet practical and comfortable design. Ideal for any occasion, these decanters elevate the art of tasting and transform every meeting with friends into a special moment.

Even for the most spirited intense, like whisky, Coin presents refined solutions such as glass decanters, which enhance the decisive and meditative character of these spirits, perfect for ending a hot summer day.

Coin does not limit itself to providing simple accessories but enriches each table with a mix of colours, graphics and art, ensuring that every guest feels fully at ease. Explore our collection of jugs and decanters for wine and water, and be inspired by the quality and beauty of our products. Find out more and transform your environment with elegance and style.

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