Aprons and Tea Cloths

Cooking is a love affair, an experience in which to test oneself, while having fun. This place of preparation and experimentation has its own etiquette, a dress code in which aprons and tea towels are the uniform of 'creating'.

Carefully folded, in view on cabinets or at the waist, the kitchen towels proposed by Coincasa combine practicality with elegance and contemporary taste. The careful choice of natural, lightweight yet durable fabrics and high-quality patterns allows you to step outside the confines of the kitchen to express style in the details.

For those who like to match, there are cotton or linen tea towels in the same colours or patterns as the aprons. There is no shortage of classic terrycloth tea towels, ready to help when creativity takes over.

With elegant kitchen aprons, sober in graphics and colours, winking at authentic chefs, the apron becomes a sophisticated accessory that revolutionises the aesthetics of kitchen textiles. The colour combination of placemat and tea towel patterns makes it possible both to create coordinates and to play with contrasts. With sympathetic kitchen aprons, on the other hand, graphics become the extra ingredient capable of surprising.

Bibs and protectors have been designed by Coincasa to offer comfort, thanks to spacious front pockets and adjustable laces. The sartorial cut of the aprons and the textile and colour research speak the language of Italian taste capable of telling a way of living with style. In the kitchen but also outdoors, in the garden or on the terrace. Because an apron is not only worn in front of the cooker, but to share an experience.

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