If you are looking for the ideal solution for a quick breakfast or a light dinner in front of the TV, Coin placemats are perfect for any occasion, accompanying your daily life. and protecting table surfaces. Modern and colourful, Coin placemats offer practicality, allowing you to set and clean in just a few seconds, making every meal more enjoyable. quick and easy.

Coin offers a wide range of placemats in linen, cotton, plastic and washable materials, ideal to satisfy every need and taste. The cotton and plastic placemats are perfect when there are children playing with tomato sauce or distracted guests with red wine at the table. These placemats, resistant over time and capable of withstanding many washes, bring joy and practicality to your home. in every meal.

The linen placemats Coin enrich an elegant mise en place and can be used as placemats for a creative and personal touch. Whether you call them breakfast placemats or placemats, these practical strips of fabric are designed to make more your daily routines beautiful and pleasant.

The vast choice of colours, patterns and shapes offered by Coin allows you to find the perfect solution for every occasion. Combine the placemats with the plates and cups to create a unique and magical table during summer dinners and lunches, giving a touch of elegance and originality. at your meals. The washable placemats are suitable for those looking for practicality. and durability over time, making cleaning after each meal quick and easy.

The plastic placemats are ideal for a quick breakfast, while the linen and cotton placemats offer a touch of class for light dinners or special events. Each product is designed to meet the needs of modern and frenetic life, combining style and functionality.

Discover all the Coin placemats and transform every meal into a special moment. The vast range of solutions allows you to express your personal style and create welcoming and unique atmospheres. Visit the Coin website and choose the perfect placemats for your home, guaranteeing protection and beauty to your table every day.

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