Christmas decorations

At Christmas at Coincasa there is a world of choices for decorating. Between glam accents, totally white proposals, transparencies and green touches, Christmas decorations help create a warm, refined and joyful atmosphere. The holiday season is the right one to make our world more beautiful and it's never too early to start getting into the mood. Christmas home decorations make our home even more welcoming and become an opportunity to transform everyday spaces with creativity.

From the table to the living area, each environment can be enriched with small details that bring the color of this period, with different meanings and customs. Luminous branches, pendants, crowns and stars decorate the tree and the furnishings, doors and windows with the limitless imagination of those who, like the little ones, still want to dream.

To each their own style, with the elegance of a Christmas bouquet in traditional tones to complete a vase or embroidered on a cushion. The occasion is perfect for bringing the magic of the holiday to life with a luminous Christmas star or the intimacy of colored candles. The Christmas mistletoe, a must-have for Christmas kisses, is traditional and the golden Christmas decorations, with their sparkling lights, are the best wish for the year to come.

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