The dining table is the centre of the furniture; it welcomes conviviality and new habits between work and study. The choice must take into account the furnishing style, size and practicality requirements. The dining room table is a functional sculpture at centre stage, which must harmonise with the ambience. If space is not an issue, the round shape will provide a touch of style that will not go unnoticed and enhances cosiness.

Rectangular living room tables know how to utilise space and in the extendable version provide intelligent solutions when there are numerous guests at the table. And with the coffee table they also increase the pleasure of being together and the decor of the living room, providing more space for diners and character to the room.

Modern coffee tables selected by Coincasa to offer style and functionality, in marble, aluminium or lava stone and with refined finishes, they will stand out for their contemporary elegance, finding an ideal place in rooms with a strong personality.

Special side tables will enhance both domestic and outdoor spaces: the balcony table offers endless possibilities for the outdoors, from simple models to design interpretations, soft and sinuous forms inspired by natural organic silhouettes. Materials thus acquire a new formal and functional language, becoming figures to be exhibited and objects of everyday use at the same time.

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