Sugar Bowls and Milk Jugs

Without hiding them, sugar bowls and cream jugs make a fine display on kitchen cabinets and shelves, strictly in view, when chosen with care and taste. Combined with herbal tea pots and teapots in an elegant ensemble, they create sets designed for the sweetest moments of the day.

A particular sugar bowl can furnish with style as well as being the pantry of sweetness par excellence, a resistant ceramic milk jug, true to its function in its lines and volumes offers a warm embrace to the senses. Reassuring in appearance and practical in daily use, these accessories express their best personality when combined also with the cups of the same collection: a harmonious proposal to smile at the new day.

Breakfast is a private moment or family conviviality that does not renounce the desire for elegance. The rules are softer than formal mise en place and play with the contrast between vintage pieces, design and equipment in only seemingly random order.

Why not choose a designer sugar bowl? A trait d'union between classic and contemporary, it can become the centrepiece that turns routine into a special moment.

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