Bed Linens

The bedroom is the most intimate space in the home, dedicated to rest and relaxation, and bed sheets represent an opportunity to change the style of the room every season. The choice must be measured between colours, patterns and fabric finishes to transform the room into a true oasis of tranquillity.

Bed linen must be able to decorate and at the same time convey pleasant tactile sensations. From the freshness of a smooth, luminous fabric such as cotton satin, to the natural quality of linen, to robust percale, through to embroidery, romantic lace borders and decorative cushions, each Coincasa proposal conveys elegance and adds a material note of personality.

Fabrics are the 'clothes' for the home and, in the bedroom of dreams, a change of bed linen allows the colour palette to be updated, just like the wardrobe. Plain neutral or pastel colours contribute to restfulness while small decorations, textures, contemporary and comfortable treatments are the secret of a discreet and charming glamour.

But it is not just a colour theme: one can choose patterned quilts, duvet covers, bedspreads and pillows, thus adding all-over floral patterns or coral motifs that on a large surface like a double bed create a strong decorative impact. Even a simple plaid wool blanket, always up-to-date, is a fine touch of taste.


"Know-how' and 'made in Italy' are the keywords of Coincasa's quality bedding, and they translate into aesthetics, research, care for materials and commitment to durability because sleeping well helps to live better, beautiful fabrics help to create happier spaces.

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