A symbol of vanity and truth at the same time, often underestimated, a wall mirror is an essential furnishing element in the composition of a room, placed in the right way and in the right place. With its dual function, aesthetic and practical, it makes an aseptic and anonymous space personal and elegant, while from a practical point of view it gives the room depth and brightness, making it feel larger.


A modern mirror furnishes the living room, is useful in the bedroom, and also makes the hallway appear large and bright. This complement is not only appreciated for its ability to reflect images, but also for its versatility in enhancing furniture. Alone or together, mirrors can be used to create combinations of great aesthetic impact.


Of all its parts, the base and frame are distinctive elements: wood, steel, stone add variety and character and therefore play a decisive role in the choice of mirror for the living room, bedroom or bathroom.


What do the experts recommend? In rectangular rooms, the mirror can be placed on the longer walls, so that the rooms are perceived as larger. Near light sources, the reflective surface will enhance room illumination. A mirror near stairs, on the other hand, could cause the exact perception of space to be lost.

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