Christmas Trees

The Christmas tree is the star of the holidays and is renewed every year to keep the tradition alive and updated. Starting point for decorating the house, in the classic solution or with LED lights, energy saving, decorated with particular balls or which are part of the family history, it contributes better than any other element to creating a unique and unrepeatable atmosphere. Coincasa Christmas trees stand out for being realistic and thick trees with needles of different thicknesses and colors. Among the most original proposals, the white Christmas tree is an extremely versatile canvas on which to express all our creativity.
SLIM Christmas trees
The Christmas tree can have many shapes. Generous in size for large homes or in smaller formats that become an opportunity to play with creativity, there are many solutions available from Coincasa. For those who love tapered lines, the slim Christmas tree turns out to be a refined furnishing accessory, elegant and full of leafy branches. In this version, the long silhouette of the slim 180 Christmas tree is a smart choice to optimize spaces and, thanks to the two different shades of green, very natural.
Snow-covered Christmas trees
For those who love Nordic atmospheres, the snow-covered Christmas tree reminds us of the beauty of mountain landscapes and helps create a calm and relaxed atmosphere. And if the snow-covered Christmas tree 210 strikes with its whiteness. Precious trees are those sprayed with a light white on branches of an extremely realistic green and structure, as in a forest just sprinkled by a night snowfall
Green or snow-covered Christmas trees of about 60 cm or smaller are an additional idea for festively decorating small corners of the house, furnishings and the festive table, adding a pinch of magic.
Luxury Christmas trees
Coin also offers large trees with heights of up to 3 m and up to 6000 LEDs. They are real pieces of furniture, capable of creating a unique Christmas atmosphere in important environments even without further decorations.
Practical and dismantling to make assembly and storage practical, Coincasa trees are made of quality fire-retardant material.

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