The home is our comfort zone and the living room the calling card of our personality. Aria di Bianco also welcomes our guests with a whole new collection of quality ideas, also made in Italy, offered at discounts of up to 50% and signed by Coincasa style.


Furnishings, fabrics and accessories add character to the reception rooms and tell the story of our personality. On sofa cushions, embroideries embellish cotton fabrics, while colours and geometries on velvets add lively modernity to seating. Carpets for the living room are like paintings to be placed in the centre of the house to walk barefoot, and even small service accessories such as doormats, versatile and decorative, are designed to enliven the everyday and make the entrance special. Without diktat, the proposals of the new Coincasa collection offer a multiplicity of suggestions from which we can be inspired to choose and express our uniqueness with the usual quality and the convenience of unmissable discounts of up to 50%.


Aria di bianco 2023 is an opportunity to revitalise home, habits and service spaces with Coincasa's unmistakable aesthetics: patterns take up vintage motifs and are combined with dissonance according to contemporary rules, embossed flowers and ruffles make furnishings blossom, colours awaken the mood. With Aria di Bianco we reinvent the style of the home to give new energy to our world.

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