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Diffusers and Scents

Room fragrances are olfactory memories that take us on a journey within ourselves, they are an open window on our memories and desires, stimuli to rediscover abandoned or unexplored paths.

Coincasa has selected the best room fragrances to give every room in the house energy, serenity or seduction. The fragrances awaken and give life to new emotions, take care of us like a balm, wrap us in freshness or make us lose ourselves in the intensity of dreams. They are exclusive, of the highest quality and long-lasting, and are able to complete even the most refined of environments on an olfactory level.

You can choose between classic perfumers or room fragrances with sticks that complement the décor and offer a gently natural diffusion, never excessive, with the possibility of using several sticks to make the sensory experience more intense.

Alternatively, it is possible to buy scented candles, persistent room fragrances that can give a very personal touch to our home, office or workplace.

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