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The Coincard statuses.

Find out how it is easier to gain privileged customer status and how your points are worth more.

Coincard easy

The first step into the Coincard world

Coincard easy

  • Up to € 1,200
  • You will earn 1 point for 1 €

Coincard Silver

The first stop that offers you the most value

Coincard Silver

  • From € 1,200 to € 2,000
  • You will accumulate 1.5 points for 1 €

Coincard Gold

The status that increases your privileges

Coincard Gold

  • From € 2,000 to € 4,000
  • You will accumulate 1.5 points for 1 €
  • 5% Continuous discount
  • Free shipping In Italy of furniture if ordered on coin.it

Coincard Platinum

Unique and exclusive privileges

Coincard Platinum

  • Over € 4,000
  • You will accumulate 2 points for 1 €
  • 10% Continuous discount
  • Free shipping In Italy of furniture if ordered on coin.it

Coincard Shopping Coupons

Thanks to point accelerators and new thresholds, you can get shopping vouchers up to € 50 to use on your favorite brands.

600 Points € 15
1.200 Points € 30
2.000 Points € 50

All coincard holders earn points in Coin, Coin Excelsior, Coincasa stores, on coin.it and on the App.

The shopping also includes the shopping of the Coincard owner or delegate if there is one.

Vouchers are not divisible and can be spent in participating Coin stores. Complete regulation.

The Advantages for the different Coincard Statuses

Easy Silver Gold Platinum
Promotions new collections and days with special discounts
Happy birthday 10% discount and 50 extra points
Happy birthday 15% discount and 50 extra points
Small tailoring changes at 50% of the list price (1)
Small free tailoring changes (1)
Free home delivery with spending over € 500
Free home delivery for any amount of expense
Free home delivery even outside the city
Free standard shipping with spending over € 50 on online services
Parking facilities
Agreements with external partners
Free shirt encryption (1)
5% discount (2)
10% discount (2)
Points accelerator
Welcome in Coincard!/ Discount of 10 euros on shopping of at least 60 euros for the Coincard in store subscription (3) or 12 euros on shopping of 60 euros for Coincard subscription from App Coin

(1) Excluding items on sale or in promotions and some brands; (2) Valid from the month following the achievement of the threshold until 31 December of the following year; (3) Cannot be combined with other promotions; some brands are excluded.