Bathrobes and Slippers

Drying is not just an automatic gesture, but a caress, and to the bathrobe we entrust the gentlest of caresses to our skin. The soft cotton of Coincasa's proposals glides over the body like velvet so that bathrobes are light clothes for the home. Amidst elegant honeycomb and jacquard work, linen borders and embroidery, stripes and patterns, the colour palette is refined and ranges from white to neutral tones to more intense shades.

The yarn-dyed bathrobes are designed for him and her: pure energy in strong colours, designed in harmonies so that everyone can choose his or her own style of wellness in the relaxation room or in the home.


Comfort is a pleasant habit and slippers (even if the word sounds old-fashioned), can make all the difference. Comfortable and restful slippers are beautiful without sacrificing style, because inside the house you walk as well as outside. A pair of slippers, easy to put on and take off, accompany your steps from the bedroom to the living room, from the kitchen to the bathroom, ready to keep your feet warm during cold winters or pleasantly free in summer.


From cool flip-flops to the classic version, the choice of model will take into account the personality in terms of taste and style and the possibility to match the sponges or the atmosphere of our home. If the inside is a soft, velvety mantle, the sole ensures that they do not slip and allows for use even outdoors in the home, such as on a balcony or terrace.

The pure cotton terry of the women's slippers is embellished with embroidery, striped patterns, pretty floral motifs and is available in soft, relaxing colours, while the men's slippers meet the requirements of comfort, practicality and style, so that he too can feel at the centre of attention when taking care of himself.

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