To set a refined and cosy table, it is necessary to start from the base, choosing the fabric that holds the plates and dishes and enhances the style. The possibilities are limitless and table runners are one of the most modern options offered by Coincasa to create atmospheres of effect.

In combination with the tablecloth or on their own, modern or classic table runners can make even a bare table special. Essentially long and narrow tablecloths, they can be used either lengthwise or horizontally when several diners are seated for a sophisticated touch.


The table runner lends itself to use with tables of any size, thus offering a highly versatile solution. The correct way to place it is perpendicular to the entire length of the table. Alternatively, it can be combined with a plain tablecloth to help define seating, or as a centrepiece, to be positioned parallel to the length of the table.


At Coincasa there are many proposals in terms of materials, colours and patterns: natural fabrics and pastel shades tell a taste of refined simplicity while bright colours, decorations and embroideries express an eclectic style.


On the table tradition and contemporary taste merge with practicality in the wide choice of tablecloths, runners and placemats. An expressive freedom that gives new life to the kitchen and living room, a harmonious disorder of graphics, designs, colours that breaks the rules with creative originality.

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