Cutlery at the table brings aesthetics and utility together to make the mise-en-place a work of domestic art. If objects make the home, tablecloths, plates, saucers, glasses and cutlery put the desire to be together on the table and define style, changing our everyday life with elegance and character.

At an important dinner party, a complete cutlery set describes the taste of the person who prepared, cooked and is a calling card of the host. This is why Coincasa offers cutlery sets that stand out for their aesthetic research, in remarkable variations of style and always of high quality because they are designed to serve and furnish over time.

For an easy-chic table, a wood-effect cutlery set will impress guests with understated elegance and pleasant tactile sensations. For more informal occasions, modern cutlery sets in black finish are the detail to surprise and not go unnoticed; while coloured cutlery is the perfect accessory to bring cheerfulness to the everyday table.

Indispensable, the traditional steel cutlery set is offered in clean, traditional, elegant or classic shapes for a refined and important touch, while a cutlery set in a gold finish emphasises those moments when welcoming guests with class.

Delicious dessert spoons and forks complete the cutlery service and mark the link between food, accessories and beauty with each course.

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