The Vision of Super project is was founded by Dario Pozzi in 2018, mixing fashion, rock and street-culture with contemporary trends. The characteristics of Vision of Super are Made in Italy production, highly selected distribution and limited edition products.
The hype and media attention, however, were achieved some time later. forward when their garments, in particular the iconic flames tee, was seen on characters such as Sfera Ebbasta, DrefGold, Ernia, Rosa Chemical, Lazza and Mambolosco: as rappers and trappers are the most popular characters imitated by teenagers, the brand became popular like wildfire.
A further boost was obtained when Matt McGuire, the drummer of the Chainsmokers, was found wearing VOS clothing during concerts and performances, without anyone from Pozzi's team having sent him anything; he had simply entered a store, appreciated the product and purchased it.
Now Vision of Super places itself in a middle category between streetwear and luxury, and is a brand that aims for exclusivity of the garment and attention to detail.

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