Rugs and Carpets

In the home some furnishings have the special ability to give cohesion to a room, among them living room carpets, an important detail in the balance of the living room, but on which it is always possible and quick to make changes. At Coincasa, a whole collection of woven, printed or hand-woven hand-crafted proposals such as classic kilims is available, with the possibility of choosing between different sizes, patterns and textures in harmony with our space.


Not just accessories, modern living room carpets welcome guests by adding softness and character to the room and tell the story of our personality. As beautiful as paintings, they create a focal point that must be studied in relation to the sofa, allowing at least the two front feet of the furniture to fit over the fabric. The choice of patterns and colours should also be balanced with the upholstery, opting for neutral tones if the furniture is particularly ornate.

When searching for modern designer living room carpets, it is particularly important to coordinate the choice with the shades of the sofa or walls, or you can have fun playing with contrasting colours, vintage effects or geometric patterns.

Natural fibres such as jute add a raw and understated connotation to the room, while softer yarns such as wool help create a warm and cosy living room. Models with a flat surface are complemented by soft hand-tufted modern carpets for an ultra-soft result. Short-pile modern jacquard-patterned living room carpets are a refined yet comfortable solution for walking barefoot in pleasantly slow mode.   

The shaggy, cotton terry bathroom rugs are a little bit of everyday luxury, while the kitchen rugs can transform even the most anonymous room into an original interior: millerighe carpets, with prints that crack a smile or floral motifs, are slip-proof!

And for an exotic or simply environmentally friendly touch? Natural bamboo or reclaimed rubber are materials that are not afraid of the elements and are suitable for modern carpets that can accommodate all spaces in the home with personality.

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