Sustainable and eco-friendly

Fashion can also be environmentally friendly and Coin is committed to creating a culture of change by offering beautiful products made with respect for nature and its resources.


From clothing to home accessories, there are many solutions to love us and the planet. Esprit organic cotton stretch jeans fit casually and flatteringly, without harming the environment. Designed to make it easier to clean the skin even without detergents, the Coincasa proposals for the beauty routine by Thermae are a daily appointment with our body to pamper it and take care of it in a sustainable way.


The Thermae make-up remover disks require only self-care and a drop of water, likewise the body exfoliating cloth, massages and purifies the skin with a scrub and a velvety side, while the reusable make-up removing glove is a precious and delicate beauty ally zero impact.


Cuddles are green with the Re:spect houndstooth patterned plaid obtained from processing waste, while the photo frame with Cadore fir wood frame treated with water colors furnishes with elegant naturalness. Even the table is environmentally friendly with the set of glasses in recycled glass and the glass bottle with a 925 silver spiral that purifies drinks with style and functionality.


The recovery of materials gives life to unique and original combinations, such as the Stop Ocean Plastic duvet with padding made from plastic recovered from the oceans, a "good" example of Made in Italy at the service of the planet.
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