Table Lamps

The table lamp lights up furnishings with detail, decorates and creates complicity with guests. It is a classic that knows how to update itself between quotations from the past and a glance at trends. From the traditional version with lampshade to cordless lamps, the abat-jour has been able to reinvent itself with new designs and materials to always find a prominent place in the home.


The minimal or pop shapes of a designer table lamp add value and character to the rooms, changing their face according to the occasion. Dynamic elements, these lights have the strength of being 'nomadic objects' capable of moving between rooms and defining their personality.


The living room table lamps proposed by Coin adapt with versatility also to professional environments and sign their style. The skilful combination of quality materials and shapes that are now light, now solid and volumetric makes these accessories an extraordinary example of design at the service of functionality.


Today, even elegant table lamps are changing their look thanks to modern interpretations: while retaining the fabric in the diffuser, they develop the base with geometric profiles and minimal lines that are able to modernise even the most classic furnishings.

Even with LED technology, energy-saving and with a warm and soft light, the ideas offered by Coin are many: from solutions with a steel base and a glass sphere that embeds the filaments to the essential versions that renounce the base to come to life on a floor lamp, ceiling lamp holder or suspension and are able to illuminate, thanks to the high flow emitted, large spaces and environments for results with a high scenographic impact.

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