Duvet Covers

The duvet cover makes the bed rich, cosy and beautiful, to make us dream of bedtime every day.

The double duvet cover, in particular, becomes an opportunity to renew our room furnishings with taste and atmosphere. Its purchase should be measured between solid colour and pattern, with attention to fabrics and finishes so that even the night can change the wardrobe to suit our desires.

Coincasa's proposals are renewed with the seasons and trends, allowing us to express our personality even when we have guests. So here are marine patterns to welcome the summer, colour fields that look like paintings, stripes and geometric designs for a minimalist touch. Available all year round instead, high quality plain colours in gingham cotton, satin and linen are designed for us when we want to update an item, change colour, give a gift.

If a double duvet cover set can change the look of an adult's room, the single duvet cover tells the dreams and character of the youngest with a variety of patterns and an irresistible colour palette. And for those who like to sleep comfortably, the single duvet cover is one more choice in the Coincasa range. The charm of a duvet cover in silky-smooth cotton satin, lace and embroidery, and delicate floral patterns provide timeless elegance, while natural linen with stonewashed treatments dresses the bed with modernity. Even the classic white duvet cover with clean lines or slightly striped with tone-on-tone patterns transforms our room into a hotel suite.


Easy to iron thanks to the easy-care treatment and manufactured to the highest quality standards, the cotton duvet cover is ideal in summer and can be enriched with many extra pillows for extra comfort.

The duvet cover embellishes the room, gives warmth and expresses our style by welcoming us into its soft embrace because in bed we are in touch with us and our dreams and can indulge in pleasure and relaxation.

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