Classic or modern, in different heights, indoor vases bring nature into the home and there are plenty of them. At Coincasa you will find a variety of silhouettes and geometries that combine traditional and contemporary know-how. The difficult thing is to choose! Tall vases flatter the buds, while decorative vases are authentic sculptures to display and not just containers.


Choosing coloured indoor vases instead adds character and energy. The colours can be in harmony with the rest of the furniture or in tune with the season, ranging from the infinite shades of paste colour which, unlike other techniques that involve subsequent painting, guarantee durability and better aesthetics.

Timeless classics, the simple and essential glass vases play with shapes, bringing tradition up to date with interpretations that renew the décor of the home or stand out for an original profile. Everyone will like them and those with a fish shape, which wink at fantasy, are nice to give as gifts.


The ornamental vases selected by Coincasa are made of light glass and hand-painted artisanal ceramics with soft, round shapes, offered in bright or whispering tones, with motifs reminiscent of sand, waves and the Mediterranean landscape. Choose them to express your taste, your passions and bring a design and colourful touch to your home.

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