Pieces of furniture and keepers of biographies, photo frames are a great classic. And, thanks to digital techniques that make our memories more beautiful, they are very contemporary. Between simple proposals in steel or transparent, multiple wood essences, silverplated with timeless charm or handmade in natural materials, the Coincasa selection is wide, designed for different tastes and styles of living.

Walls filled with motivational photos and phrases, condensations of positive energy, are very successful and require careful planning. With frames you can create a layout that harmonises shapes and images even when they are very different: for example by arranging them in a grid or by arranging your photo wall along a common horizontal line, hanging half of the images above the line and the other half below. Photo wall frames help precisely to develop a creative composition that fits our space.

Always a welcome gift, table photo frames can be elegant or fun, unusually shaped, colourful or multi-framed to house memories and smiles of the things we love most.

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