Living Room Rugs

Living room carpets welcome friends and family into our world. They are valuable complements to be placed in the centre of the home to furnish, decorate and express our personality.

Woven, printed or hand-woven, at Coincasa you find cotton carpets that are perfect to stand the test of time and modern living room carpets whose weaves intertwine to create geometric, floral and ornamental patterns of infinite variations.


Designed to meet different tastes and styles, the modern beige living room carpets complement spaces furnished with rigour and strong personality, while the handcrafted proposals rediscover fringes, embroidery and ancient workmanship for an informal look&feel, in a lively dialogue between the home and distant worlds.

The cotton carpet offers a robust weave and lends itself to a variety of decorations. Thanks to the skilful combination of materials and workmanship, a cotton and jute carpet, for example, offers a sober, yet striking and sophisticated aesthetic. A wool rug also has characteristics of naturalness and durability, to which softness and warmth are added.

The kitchen carpet, on the other hand, offers the ultimate in practicality in terms of robustness and ease of cleaning, while complementing the liveliest place in the home.

Coincasa carpets are the result of a slow and expert work of research and skill that softens environments: they leave room for guests, for cosiness and conviviality in the living room, for comfort in the bedroom and in private spaces. The selection is vast, allowing anyone to express their own style in any environment.

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