Protagonists in the living area, sofas are the most significant complements of the domestic space, the central element not only of the home, but of everyone's life, around which furniture and accessories can be chosen.


Modern sofas are the portrait of the contemporary man, responding to the need for relaxation as well as conviviality. They are important complements, to be chosen with care and attention to detail, measuring comfort, functionality and style to preserve the continuity of the environment. Coincasa's proposals have a unique and distinctive character: fabrics, textures and tactile finishes are refined, but exhibit a simplicity and comfort capable of defying time and meeting the needs of the present.


Velvet sofas are an excellent solution for those who love the classic contemporary style, to be completed with armchairs that echo its lines, valuable accessories and rounded coffee tables that create an elegant conversation area in which to receive guests. Velvet is a precious fabric that has always been associated with fine residences. But it is also an extremely modern material that adapts to every style, which is why luxury velvet sofas are perfect for use in any décor, giving every room a different visual and tactile impact.

And if vintage velvet sofas seem to find a perfect fit in retro settings, why not take advantage of their strong expressiveness in a contemporary or industrial style living room, thus merging vintage aesthetics with modern design details? High-ceilinged rooms, exposed brick walls, large windows, worn-effect finishes and reclaimed furniture elements play with the tones of furniture and accessories in unusual colour combinations, for a modern and contemporary result.

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