Christmas tablecloths and runners

This year we present you a story of deep and vibrant colors, a Christmas signed with the unique elegance that distinguishes us. In addition to the classic red, green and gold, this season sees us exploring sophisticated color shades for Christmas tablecloths and runners.

Elegance Illuminated by Gold: Gold, a symbol of luxury and refinement, illuminates the table and decorations. Velvet details and jewel applications embellish the fabrics, giving a touch of magic to your holidays.

Deep Burgundy and Petrol Green Shades: The finest tablecloths and runners embrace the deep shades of burgundy and petrol green. Made of soft velvets and bouclé dotted with stars, they transform your table into a work of art. The embroidery that runs along the thread of the tablecloths adds a note of class and sophistication.

An Extraordinary Festive Table: The festive table transforms the banquet into an extraordinary occasion. This year, we offer you a contemporary Christmas table, which explores taste beyond the classic red and white. Play with colors and reflections to create a unique atmosphere.

Tablecloths with Chain Stitch Embroidery: The cotton tablecloth lights up with a suggestive chain stitch embroidery, giving a modern touch. The essential shapes and contemporary colors make this table ideal for those looking for a refined atmosphere but without excess.

Suggestive Checked Pattern: For those who love country style, the checked pattern on the cotton and linen tablecloth looks like it has been painted in watercolour, bringing a touch of authenticity and warmth to your table.
Cotton Twill Tablecloths and Runners: The classic checked pattern, geometric and proportionate, accompanies your holidays, adding a touch of tradition and elegance to your table.
Coincasa invites you to explore and embrace the beauty of deep colors and sophisticated shades for an unforgettable Christmas. Create your dream table with our collection, where every detail tells a unique story.

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