100€ to 200€

Coin offers a careful selection of important gifts that, with the right value for a gift that is certainly appreciated.

Perfumes and Colognes: If you want a scented gift, explore our collection of perfumes and colognes. Look for ones with notes of English pear, mandarin and apple for those who love fruity aromas, or opt for bottles infused with tones of tobacco, bergamot or patchouli for a sensual touch.

Gifts for the Home: We also have lots of gift ideas for the home. Scented diffusers and incense sticks make thoughtful gifts for those who love creating a serene atmosphere in their space.

Designer Pajamas: For those who love comfort and relaxation, designer pajamas are a perfect gift. From classic striped designs to bold graphic prints, we have styles to suit a variety of tastes. These pajamas are ideal for snuggling up at night.

Coin and Coincasa are ready to help you find the perfect gift in the price range from 100 to 200 euros. No matter the occasion, our options will allow you to make a choice that is sure to be appreciated.

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