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It's a question of feeling for home textiles. This is due to the fine yarns worked with a contemporary approach, the colours borrowed from nature, the exclusive embroideries and designs offered by Coincasa and designed to express a renewed desire for cosy homes. From geometrics to patterns, from solids to mix&fusion, home textiles add character to every room, but do more than just decorate.


Attention to materials is the hallmark of quality at Coincasa: wool, linen and the finest cotton are natural choices for bedroom or bathroom linen and curtains so that home textiles remain beautiful over time and with use.


This is also due to the textures, which are both comfortable and rich in detail. Each home textile product is unique in pattern, colour and manufacture to offer a timeless style or liveliness to the decor. Here then are tablecloths, curtains and carpets in a range of neutral and elegant palettes or in a kaleidoscope of colours and patterns.


Style and quality are also to be worn, every day: at Coincasa you will find soft linen bathrobes, slippers, dresses and t-shirts ready to bring comfort and fantasy to living at home, inside and out.

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