Furnishing accessories reflect the taste of their inhabitants in the details. Personalisation and self-expression then guide the choice of accessories that play with combining styles, materials and textures to suit living needs. The lounge bar trolley for example is useful and completes the living room, creating a corner around which to welcome friends and organise parties and aperitifs.

A vintage bar trolley with classic lines, made of iron with a brass finish, restores the warm and cosy tones of 1970s accessories and goes well with precious bottles of spirits and liqueurs left exposed. A chrome-plated metal bar trolley, on the other hand, is at home in modern, minimalist settings and can also be used as an étagère: the square section optimises space, while the polished finish gives light to the room. Choosing designer furniture complements means adding a precise and personal style to the interior design.

Special furnishing accessories such as cushions, lamps, curtains and mirrors characterise rooms, play with colours as the seasons change and enhance the feeling of comfort and pleasure every time you return home. Modern furnishing accessories offer functional solutions and enrich our daily living with a very personal touch.

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