Salad Bowls

The salad bowl is a cosy accessory that brings the taste of the side dish to the table.

Its generous shape gives the right depth to the sauce to best express aromas and flavours. It is among the most capacious containers in the kitchen, available in the classic circular version or in shapes with irregular edges to accompany table service with elegance.

The glass salad bowl has the advantage of showcasing its contents by enhancing its function as a container for healthy food, but the offer ranges from the practicality of melamine, soft ceramic surfaces and the material warmth of wood whose details bring the beauty of simplicity and craftsmanship to the table.


A colourful ceramic salad bowl expresses personality that kitchen and homeware lovers will find hard to give up, responding to monotony with patterns that meet trends and seasonality, while total white has always been a classic.


Style also characterises the large salad bowls designed for large gatherings and summer tables: a design object between aesthetics and functionality, they impress with their expressiveness and can also be used as a centrepiece. A white ceramic salad bowl expresses with simplicity all the care and love of bringing taste and style to the table, while the robust stoneware ceramic and the use of special glazes, reminiscent of the typical colours of Japanese bowls, will amaze guests with their refined design.

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